Since our establishment, The AQUA Group had grown tremendously, improving on every single aspect from internal policies, operational procedures, IT infrastructure and workplace safety to deliver not only good quality products but also different experience to our Clients globally.

With far-sightedness, the management acknowledged competition and threats from new markets during the boom years in Asia to ensure our sustainability. Circumstances had always been challenging but through the support of an extensive Clientele, World Class Manufacturers, Principals , Suppliers & Distributors and a team of strong management and devoted staffs. We beat the odds to achieve what we have today.

Today, we are supporting MNC's globally in a wide range of industries, and that includes Marine, Oil & Gas, Offshore & Shipbuilding, Agriculture, Industrial & construction. Also, we have a line of Quality Products catered for the consumers, such as Health & Wellness Equipments, Automotive Accessories and more. Continuity is key - While we strive for a better future for our Stakeholders, We will continue to invest in innovation within our businesses, further the diversifications of current products and services, and commit to excel from our previous achievement.